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Comprehensive Guide: How Periodontitis Impacts Systemic Health

Are you aware of the hidden dangers lurking behind untreated periodontitis? As a leading periodontist serving Queens, New York, we’re here to shed light on the systemic health risks associated with gum disease and why proactive dental care is essential.

Understanding Periodontitis in Queens, NY

Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, affects numerous individuals in Queens, NY, and beyond. It’s a chronic inflammatory condition caused by bacterial plaque buildup, which triggers inflammation and damage to the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

The Link Between Periodontitis and Systemic Health

Cardiovascular Disease

Research suggests a correlation between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease, a concern for Queens residents. The inflammation from gum disease can enter the bloodstream, contributing to arterial plaque formation and increasing the risk of heart issues.

Diabetes Management

For individuals managing diabetes in Queens, gum disease poses additional challenges. Periodontitis can worsen diabetes control, impairing insulin sensitivity and complicating blood sugar management.

Respiratory Health for Queens, NY Residents

Queens residents, especially those with compromised respiratory function, should be aware of the link between periodontitis and respiratory issues. Oral bacteria from gum disease can be aspirated into the lungs, increasing the risk of infections like pneumonia.

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Dr. Prabha Krishnan is one of the foremost periodontists in New York. As the Vice President of the NYSDA, Dr. Krishnan and team offer advanced treatment options for patients suffering from periodontal disease. With minimally-invasive laser gum disease treatment, pinhole treatment, and other options available, patients in and around Queens, NY can expect the highest level of care available.




    Pregnancy and Oral Health in Queens, NY

    Expectant mothers in Queens should prioritize oral health, as untreated periodontitis may lead to pregnancy complications such as preterm birth and low birth weight. Proper dental care is crucial for maternal and fetal well-being.

    Cognitive Health Concerns

    Residents of Queens, NY, should also consider the potential impact of periodontitis on cognitive health. Emerging research suggests a connection between gum disease and cognitive decline, highlighting the importance of preventive dental care.

    Prevention and Treatment in Queens, NY

    Maintaining optimal oral health is key to preventing periodontitis and its systemic effects. Regular dental visits and diligent oral hygiene practices can help Queens residents avoid gum disease and its associated risks.

    For those already affected by periodontitis in Queens, NY, seeking prompt treatment is essential. Dr. Prabha Krishnan, our lead periodontist, offers comprehensive periodontal treatment, including LANAP® laser gum disease treatment as well as scaling and root planing, to restore oral health and prevent systemic complications.

    Conclusion: Protect Your Health with Periodontal Care in Queens, NY

    Don’t overlook the importance of oral health in maintaining overall well-being. As a trusted periodontist in Queens, NY, we’re dedicated to helping our community understand and address the systemic risks of untreated periodontitis. Contact us today for expert periodontal care and prevention guidance tailored to your needs. Your health is our priority.

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