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How Good Oral Habits Can Impact your Overall Health

periodontist queens nyMany of our recent posts have gone over various topics regarding oral health. One common factor in all of these topics is consistency. Themes such as brushing and flossing daily, scheduling your regular cleanings, and monitoring intake of harmful foods are all about developing beneficial, healthy habits.

For a greater quality of life, it is helpful to consider your current health habits and make a plan of action to develop new ones. Simply focusing on improving your oral health habits will naturally lead to healthier diet among other beneficial habits.

Various studies are beginning to demonstrate the links between periodontitis (gum disease) and pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, and other diseases.

By including the 3 simple habits below, you can help stave off other harmful diseases.

1. Brushing and Flossing

If you have trouble remembering to brush every morning and night you might try placing a reminder note somewhere you know you will see it. Here are a few places to consider putting such a reminder note: your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, dashboard of your car, or perhaps a phone reminder. The benefits to brushing and flossing morning and night could literally add years to your life.

2. Regular Cleanings

We have a system to remind you when you are due for a cleaning, but it doesn’t hurt to set a reminder on your phone or calendar when it is time to get another cleaning. By doing so, it serves as a gentle reminder to alter your current oral care habits. While you can do a great deal on your own at home by sticking to a simple oral care routine, a trained dental hygienist has tools and techniques that will further prevent cavities and maintain good oral health and overall health as well.

3. Diet

Not only will eating a balanced healthy diet help you manage your weight and overall health, it will also reduce the amount of harmful bacteria build up in your mouth. Setting up a meal plan will help you keep your diet on track and serve as a guide to improving your diet. Planning out each meal for each day of the week can prove to be tremendously helpful. We have posted several articles that offer various suggestions of the types of food to eat more of and those to avoid. However, a simple rule can be helpful to remember: in general, sticky, sugary, and acidic foods should be avoided (or at least reduced in one’s diet), while green, fresh, and simple foods should be eaten every day.

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