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Laser Gum Surgery VS Traditional Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP®) vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

If you are in need of periodontal surgery, the choice between traditional, rather archaic surgical methods and laser periodontal treatments are very important. To select the best option for you, it is of vital importance that you understand the key differences between traditional periodontal surgery and the LANAP® procedure.

The difference between traditional gum surgery and LANAP® is very stark. During traditional surgery, the doctor uses a scalpel to make a cut in the gum tissue for enhanced visibility and to gain access to the periodontal pocket. This may result in an aesthetic alteration of your gum line. Once the area has been further cleaned, other treatments such as bone or tissue grafting may be utilized to help regenerate some of the bone loss to achieve optimum periodontal health.

While some severe cases of periodontitis necessitate traditional surgery, LANAP® laser gum surgery is generally a viable alternative form of dental surgery for most patients. LANAP® does not require scalpel or sutures, making it minimally invasive with little pain or discomfort. Because LANAP® does not require the cutting of gums to decrease pocket depth, there is little to no gum line recession, nor alteration of your smile. The laser is able to distinguish between diseased and healthy tissue, leaving healthy tissue unaffected; this makes the procedure exceptionally selective and safe, with reduced healing time. The laser removes diseased tissue and kills living bacteria without compromising healthy gum, tooth, and bone tissue.

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Key Differences between Traditional Gum Surgery and LANAP®

Pain– Traditional surgery may be more painful as it requires cutting and suturing of the gums. LANAP® protocol causes considerably less discomfort and rarely requires post-operative pain medication. There is also minimal recovery time needed, allowing patients to return to their daily routine almost immediately.

Recession– Traditional periodontal surgery requires a blade to make a cut in the gum line which could result in gum recession. The recessed gum line exposes tooth roots, which can be particularly sensitive to hot and cold, perhaps causing the patient discomfort while eating or drinking. LANAP® is less invasive and more selective. The laser removes only damaged tissue and does not impact nearby healthy gum and bone, resulting in no significant gum line recession. This preserves the natural appearance of the patient’s smile.

Healing Time– LANAP® does not require surgical cutting and sutures of healthy tissue, and the surgery allows selectivity in the tissue it removes, allowing for rapid healing. The laser kills the bacteria and reduces inflammation, preserving and supporting healthier tissue.

Long-term results– LANAP® protocol results are much more predictable in terms of bone regeneration and tissue attachment. The Perio-Lase® MVP-7™ stimulates the root surface, promoting regeneration and new periodontal ligament attachment. Teeth otherwise considered hopeless can be saved, restoring functionality. Patients show further improvement after LANAP® protocol as regeneration of the bone and reattachment of connective healthy tissue continue after the procedure is complete.

Cutting-edge technology is constantly evolving and redefining the way professionals use dental technology. We, as LANAP® Certified clinicians, have made the commitment to stay progressive with the latest advancements and provide our patients the best possible treatment options, meeting the highest standards of care.

Laser treatment is a revolutionary option for many patients; however it may not be the option for all cases. Please call Dr. Krishnan to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out if LANAP® will be right for you to achieve a successful periodontal outcome!

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