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Treating Gum Recession with the Pinhole Technique

An Innovative Treatment for Gum Recession

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a scalpel-free, suture-free, minimal-risk alternative procedure to traditional gum grafting to treat moderate to severe gum recession.

In the past, traditional procedures to treat gum recession, such as gum grafting, used stitching on your gums, which, as a consequence, took a substantial amount of time to heal. Grafting also involves taking parts of the palate and placing them in the receding area of the gums. The overall impact on the mouth could be harsh (to say the least).

The Pinhole Technique has presented alternative options for patients needing to treat their receding gums.

By using a specially designed tool through a pinhole in the affected area, a highly trained dentist can gently “nudge” gums back into place around the teeth.

Benefits of the Pinhole Technique

The Pinhole Technique is a quick and relatively painless method to treat receding gums. The nature of the procedure allows it to be as minimally invasive as possible. Because of the minimal trauma caused to the tissue, the recovery time is second to none. There have been several reports of patients getting back to normal life in as little as two days after the surgery is complete. Patients are often pleasantly surprised at the almost instant cosmetic improvement as well.

A lasting solution to receding gum lines, the Pinhole Technique is growing quickly in popularity with dental practices around the world.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Pinhole Technique ?

Gum recession should be taken seriously. Should your gums start receding it is important to understand that the rate of tooth decay and bacteria build up can exponentially increase, putting you at a greater risk for serious gum disease.

Those with receding gums should first seek advice from your dentist. Luckily, Dr. Krishnan is specially-trained in the Pinhole Surgery Technique and is currently treating patients in Queens, NY and Forest Hills, NY for receding gums. There truly is no time to waste when it comes to improving your gum health.

If you’re worried about your receding gum line, schedule a gum recession consultation with Dr. Krishnan today.

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