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The LANAP Procedure LANAP vs. Traditional Surgery

Gum Disease Treatment Options

LANAP is the first proven, FDA cleared laser gum disease treatment with the independent human histology and other clinical research that stands behind its results. LANAP® is only performed by a select group of nationally trained periodontal disease surgeons in the country, including Dr. Prabha Krishnan, a top periodontist in Forest Hills, NY and the surrounding areas.

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LANAP® Laser Treatment in Queens, NY

If you are looking for progressive gum disease treatment in the New York area, and using a top rated surgeon, you have found the right home!

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is the only proven, FDA cleared laser gum disease treatment with the research and science to back its results. LANAP® is only performed by a select group of dental professionals in the country, including Dr. Krishnan, a top periodontist in Queens, NY and the surrounding areas. LANAP® is currently the most advanced gum disease treatment available. New York area residents with moderate to severe gum disease are encouraged to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about the benefits of laser gum surgery and how this will lead to better overall health.

The Benefits of LANAP® Cutting-Edge Gum Disease Treatment for Queens, NY

For Patients

Minimal Pain and Post Surgery Discomfort – Because the laser targets only the diseased tissue in the periodontal diseased pocket, Dr. Krishnan is able to remove the bacteria without cutting or stitching, resulting in a more comfortable patient experience. Pain medication is rarely prescribed after a laser gum surgery procedure and a short healing time.

Faster Healing and Shorter Recovery Time

The Periolase® MVP-7™ eliminates the bacteria and reduces the inflammation immediately without affecting the healthy regenerative connective tissue, allowing your body to heal quickly.

Mitigation of Gum Recession and other Cosmetic Oral Issues

Because traditional periodontal surgeries require cutting the gum tissue to clean the bacteria away, these procedures always entail some degree of gum recession. In contrast, patients experience little to no gum recession with LANAP® gum disease treatment because the surgeon does not cut any connective healthy tissue, and the laser kills bacteria selectively by removing it from the healthy tissue. This offers a minimally invasive (or more holistic in some regards) approach to gum disease treatment. Limited gum recession is just one of the many reasons that patients come to Dr. Krishnan for this innovative gum disease treatment in Queens, NY.

Elimination of Inflammation and Controlled Bleeding

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ removes about 100% percent of the inflammation after one treatment and Dr. Krishnan is able to control bleeding with the LANAP® protocol.
The number one reason Dr. Krishnan’s patients choose the LANAP gum disease treatment is because they want to save their natural teeth and prevent long term bacteria spreading in their mouths to keep their healthy smiles for years to come.

Dr. Krishnan, located in Forest Hills NY, is a periodontist who services patients all over the Queens, NY area and beyond who make the trip to Dr. Krishnan’s office. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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